Our approach

Our mission is a simple one... We want
to help independent hoteliers achieve
their business goals.


We understand what it takes to run independent and boutique hotels and have a proven track record of being successful in doing so.

  • We listen, spend time understanding your business and your challenges and help you find solutions.
  • We want to be seen as part of the team, not a ‘spy in the camp’.
  • We believe in curating memorable hotel products and experiences to stand out from the crowd.
  • We are innovators and independently minded in our thinking and our approach.
  • We only want to work with like-minded hoteliers and owners. Our advice is straightforward and to the point, which is how we hope you like it.
  • Driving direct business is our mission… we don’t think you need to give it all to the OTAs.
  • For a lot of hoteliers, the biggest challenge is in ‘creating demand’… this is what we are good at.
  • We don’t just create demand, we are good at managing demand too. We help you deliver profitable hotels.

If any of this hits the spot, we'd love to hear about your own hotel(s) and have a no obligation chat.

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Chris Ward

Chief Maker

The Old School Way

Tel: +44 7553 010956
Email: chris@hotelmakers.co.uk

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