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Let's get this out the way at the beginning... at
Hotel Makers, we are not huge fans of adopting a
traditional hotel industry approach to creating hotels. We like to
disrupt, but in a good way...


As independent hotels, you have to battle an ever increasing competitive landscape, so to be successful it has never been more vital that your hotel has a clear proposition and stands out from the pack.

Our track record is in creating and delivering award-winning independent hotels that have a strong brand, unique product, loyal direct customer base and are seen as innovators within the sector they operate.

We think you can drive a more healthy return on investment and be more successful than your competitors with a unique product and an amazing guest experience. We would like to help you achieve this by providing you with ideas, knowledge and support.

Whether that is in refreshing your marketing, curating new products that excite your target markets, finding efficiencies within your current cost base or by being strategically nimble to help you identify and appeal to new audiences.  We will tailor a solution depending on what help you need.

We will give you a thorough ‘check up’ across all areas of your hotel and we will provide effective solutions to make you as profitable as possible. We want to work closely with you to be successful.

If any of this hits the spot, we'd love to hear about your own hotel(s) and have a no obligation chat.

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The Old School Way

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